Assalam U Alaikum Wa Rahmatullah Wa Barakatuh


Talimath-E-Rahmath-E-Alam (PBUH) Education Society & Charitable Trust believes that every child has a right to Islamic education. It is currently a privilege. We invite you to join us to deliver this right to every child.

In this process, you will be helping in designing and implementing an innovative educational system in India that blends the best of traditional Islamic knowledge, wisdom, and instructional methodologies, with the latest and most relevant secular education. This system will be self-sufficient and affordable for the average Muslim family.

Talimath-E-Rahmath-E-Alam (PBUH) Education Society & Charitable Trust Children's Community Center

Alhamdullillah, Talimath-E-Rahmath-E-Alam (PBUH) Education Society & Charitable Trust found a suitable place to launch its first project; a children's community center will hold more information about this exciting project.

"Successful education demands the full cooperation of enthusiastic students, energetic teachers, and motivated parents. For these components to come together demands administration with high aspiration. Teachers are sages that not only open minds but brighten hearts, and so it is our responsibility to not only help, but to get involved with groups such as Talimath-E-Rahmath-E-Alam (PBUH) Education Society & Charitable Trust who are willing to take this great responsibility."


1. The mission of Talimath-E-Rahmath-E-Alam (PBUH) is to provide Muslim with high quality educational opportunities that will prepare them for their future.
2. To implement educational, environmental, social welfare, and health care programs in economically depressed areas of India, with focus on projects which promote self-employment.


1. To educate the masses and spread literacy, particularly among women, in order to bring about a sustainable change in the society.
2. To focus toward future self-employment with the hope of breaking the cycle of ongoing dependency, while giving immediate assistance to families in the current crisis.

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